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We have everything you need

Testing area pic.JPG

Three fully equipped spacious 3-room suites to accommodate all of your research needs

Research projects we conduct

  • Central Location Tests (CLT)

    • Taste Tests​

    • DIAL/Gang studies

    • Large appliance

  • Focus Groups

  • In-depth Interviews

  • Mock Jury Trials

  • Playroom Studies

  • Simulated Shopping Experience

  • Simulated Device Learning Center

Floor Plan

FnF floorplanFULL.jpg

Our cutting-edge facility has all the resources you need to support your market research efforts. Learn more.


Production and Meeting Rental

We also rent out space for TV and Film productions, commercials, meetings, seminars and other events.  Our facility has been featured on TV shows and Movies such as Bruno, Arm & Hammer commercials, OxyClean, and hidden camera shows. Contact us for a quote.

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