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Film & Entertainment

From Movie Studios to Streaming Services

Los Angeles is the heart of the film and entertainment industry. Our location is located near the biggest studios in Hollywood. Facts ‘n Figures facilitates data collection in multiple sectors of the film and entertainment industry:

·       Radio, TV, Film

·       Gaming

·       Sports and Sporting venues

·       Literature

·       Social Media

Facts ‘n Figures recruits for focus groups and conducts intercepts at on-site venues, such as Dodger Stadium, the LA convention center, LA Zoo, and more.

Our recruiting reach is across the United States for consumers as well as film & TV personnel. We recruit for online projects as well as in person.

Use Our Facility as a Filming Location

If you are looking for a location for TV and Film productions, commercials, meetings, seminars or events, Facts 'n Figures will rent you space.   Our facility has been featured on TV shows and Movies such as Bruno, Made for TV movies, Klondike commercials, Arm & Hammer commercials, OxyClean Commercials, and hidden camera shows. 

Contact us for a quote.

Here's a commercial filmed in our facility!

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