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Data Collection

We collect data like no other utilizing our state-of-the-art data solutions system, QualPro

Facts ‘n Figures recruits all respondents in-house. Our resources are many, but our primary source for recruiting respondents is online through our proprietary software, Qual-Pro. Qual-Pro’s advanced onboarding system allows us to quickly pinpoint the targeted audience, therefore increasing probability based on your screening criteria. Unlike traditional recruiting methods, our software allows us the capability to accelerate recruiting, as well as recruit larger sample sizes quicker.

For business or consumer studies, in-person or online interviews/focus groups, in English or Spanish, large or small quotas, we recruit the respondents you are looking for. 

Collection Methods

Focus Groups In-person & Online

Facts 'n Figures recruits respondents and hosts focus groups in facilities and online nationwide for consumer and business to business research projects in both English and Spanish. Topics include food & beverage, restaurant, home goods, electronics, social issues, entertainment, and more. Respondents are recruited in-house through our proprietary database, QualPro & other resources, including social media. Our Los Angeles facility contains three, three-room suites and has the latest technology and amenities to meet your research needs.  Facts 'n Figures recruits for and coordinates tech checks, homework assignments, etc. for online qualitative studies.  We offer translation services in multiple languages: English, Chinese (Mandarin & Cantonese), Spanish, Japanese, Korean, etc. 

Taste Tests

As one of our specialties, we recruit respondents and conduct numerous taste tests a year; from pour and serves to full on prepare, cook and serve studies. Our staff is fully trained on proper food handling and the administration of food & beverage projects. Data is collected electronically. Our fully equipped commercial test kitchen has everything you need to run a successful taste test. Learn more about our food and beverage services.

Home Usage Tests

FnF offers Home usage tests, which is a cost-effective way to test products scheduled for a new product launch or for products that have been revised to see how they will perform in a home setting.

Conduct product placement tests for beverages, frozen foods, pet food, salad dressings, detergents, snacks, coffee, cosmetics, personal care items, diapers and more. Products tested can be shelf-stable, refrigerated, or frozen.

Products are shipped directly to participant homes or distributed from our office.


Data may be collected online, by phone, or in person.

Product Space Test (Pop-Up Interviewing In-field Intercepting)

Product Space Test research in a pop-up environment goes way back to our roots. Since our inception in 1968, Facts 'n Figures has been intercepting and interviewing consumers in store fronts, churches, parks, in vans/trailers, and on the sidewalk. Our researchers interview in English & Spanish for customer satisfaction surveys, new product development, menu innovation, for legal studies, taste tests, to testing the effectiveness of special promotions, customer service, purchasing habits, and more!

The Facts 'n Figures interviewing team is also available to conduct field work outside the Los Angeles area.   

Interview Consumers for

  • Customer Satisfaction Surveys

  • Store upgrades

  • Sales personnel effectiveness

  • New product development

  • Menu Innovation

  • Special Promotion effectiveness

  • Purchasing Habits

  • Customer services

Research is conducted in

  • Gas stations

  • convenience stores

  • Major food chains and department stores

  • Amusement Parks

  • Airports

  • Sports Stadiums

  • Public Parks

  • Airports

  • Medical Clinics

  • In community

Usability Testing

Measures how well people can use human-made objects (such as a web page, computer interface, a document, or a device) for its intended purpose. We record picture-in-picture so you see what is occurring on the device as well as the expressions of the respondent.

We are experts in gathering data for Qualitative & Quantitative studies among the general population & Hispanic markets. By working with us, you will receive highly qualified respondents, outstanding show rates, and of course, superior data.

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