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Our Services Support you in Achieving your Research Goals.

Data Collection

We are experts in gathering data on a local or national scale for Qualitative & Quantitative studies among the general population & Hispanic markets. By working with us, you will receive highly qualified respondents, outstanding show rates, and of course, superior data.

Field Management

Facts 'n Figures partners on projects in major markets in the USA. We work closely with our partners to ensure accurate data and quality service. One call to us will set the process into action.

·         Booking the markets

·         Briefing staff on project

·         Distribution of materials

·         Obtaining reports

·         Client communications

Translation Services

 Facts ‘n Figures translates questionnaires, discussion guides and reports into English or Spanish. We will translate the original document into the language of choice and additionally back-translate to ensure accuracy and authenticity.


Verbal (Simultaneous Translation) – We offer translation services for multiple languages, including, but not limited to:

·         Spanish

·         Chinese

·         Japanese

·         Portuguese

·         French

·         Germany


Facility Room Rental

Rental space is available for short term projects, meetings, media shoots and events. Either of our two suite conference rooms can be transformed to accommodate your needs. The commercial kitchen is available for food preparations and catering. 

Book a room.

Full Service

Qualitative Research

At Facts 'n Figures, our Qualitative research turns human understanding into meaningful data-points. We ask consumers the right questions that will answer your marketing questions. We aim to figure out the "hows" and the "whys" for their thoughts and strive to go beyond the surface. Projects are done among the general population and in the Hispanic market. How can we help you?


We provide moderating services in multiple languages, specializing in English and Spanish. Our team of professional moderators are experts in industries ranging from consumer products to technology and healthcare. Deliverables range from a topline summary report to a full report of the study.  Request a Moderator

Quantitative Research

Facts ‘n Figures designs and implements quantitative research projects in English and Spanish to help examine and test specific relationships, identify group characteristics, project results to a larger market segment, and recommend a course of action. How we can help you?  

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