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We know the people. We know the culture.

Since 1992, Facts ‘n Figures has been a recognized expert in Hispanic Market Research. We support our clients research efforts by providing superior recruiting, interviewing, facilities and client services.  Our gifted team is fully bilingual and are native of the Latin Americas. FnF supplies added value to you and your research because we understand the cultural differences among the Latino communities, and able to highly vet respondents during the screening process and extract more insightful data in our interviews.

For nearly 30 years we have been researching the Latino Market

We specialize in data collection among the Latin community

  • Un-Acculturated, Bi-Cultured, & Acculturated

  • Pre-recruitment

  • Online/bulletin boards

  • Central Location Testing (CLT’s)

  • Ethnography

  • Focus Groups

  • Intercepts in-store/in-community

  • Bilingual staff – Proficient in reading & writing in Spanish

  • Translate screeners/questionnaires/discussion guides

  • Bilingual male and female moderators

  • Field management across the US and in Latin America

  • Traveling staff for interviewing in other markets 

Our extensive database includes un-acculturated, bi-cultured, and acculturated Hispanics from Mexico, South America, and Central America.

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