From high speed internet to high quality audio/video equipment, we got what you need.

Internet /Web Interface

  • High speed 1GB wired & 5 Ghz wireless internet access

  • Web-based interviewing: utilize our facility our your own for interviewing

  • Live Stream your project to anywhere else.

  • Stream network based projects, at ease 

Audio & Simultaneous Translation

  • Professional-grade sound system

  • Audio recordings in a digital format

  • Instantaneous Translations System -Records group and translation language on audio, CD, video, DVD or digital format. This can be uploaded to our secure FTP site for quick access.

Video Capabilities

  • HD Stationary & remote operated recordings on DVD and Digital files

  • High Resolution Cameras

  • Picture-in-picture HD recordings - viable for usability studies

  • DVR recorders that back up all recordings

  • FnFstream featuring: Focus Vision

  • Video Editing Software – capability for editing & exporting unlimited clips from DVDs, and digital files

  • Simultaneous back-ups for your project on a DVR

  • Projection screen in every room

  • Smart TVs - Equipped with cable

  • Live TV - Cable Ready

  • Data collection via laptop, tablets, or iPads for CLT taste tests

Computer Assisted Personal Interview (CAPI)

Interviewing techniques offer reduced deadlines, credible results, and an excellent value for the price. Preliminary data may be viewed daily as it arrives to a main server. Multimedia materials such as film clips, pictures, and audio files can also be used as stimuli.

Device Independent Authoring Language (DIAL) Research

Audience measurement tools are utilized to collect data for multiple varieties of group studies. Each respondent uses this small, hand-held product to answer questions and provide opinions. Information provided is immediately processed and displayed to clients, moderators and event facilitators.