Quantitative Research Services

Research Method

Quantitative research is utilized to test pre-specified concepts, constructs, and hypotheses you have about a product or service. This type of research helps to examine and test specific relationships, identify group characteristics, project results to a larger market segment, and recommend a course of action to others.

Research Execution

To execute these methods, Facts ‘n Figures and its sister companies conduct mall intercepts, pre-recruits, DIALS, in-store surveys, central lcoation testing (CLT), in-home use test (HUT), and online surveys.

Research Facility

Our Panorama City & Sherman Oaks facilities are the primary locations for conducting quantitative research. Facts ‘n Figures partners with mall facilities across the country to cover all of your quantitative research needs. These may be conducted in both English and Spanish.

Data Collection

Data is collected through multiple touchpoints. By means of traditional paper and pencil, phone interviews, in-person interviews or focus groups, computer aided personal interviews (CAPI), and online surveys. Data from online surveys can be viewed within 24 hours.

Usage Studies

Our customized tool for unlocking attitudinal & behavioral patterns drives business solutions grounded in customer needs. We steer away from endless attribute batteries and instead work in real-world choices that customers have to make – so your business decisions can reflect those trade-offs.


We work with your team to create effective solutions that are viable for today and sustainable for the future. We work to understand the mechanics of your business so that innovations fit budgets, personnel capacity, and accentuate your business strengths – set to time horizons that are aggressive but accomplishable.

Mind Genomics®



An innovative approach to aggregating data is through Mind Genomics. This is an empirical, scientific way to identify how people subconsciously respond to aspects of everyday experience. Utilizing behavioral segmentation allows for us to uncover organizing principles that govern individual mindset and attitudes.


Our software allows for us to sequence a consumer’s brain layer by layer to create a “template” that will predicts how an individual will feel about new products, services, and messages. This map can then be used as a baseline to predict how other individuals will fall into the same segments. We also account for the fact that a positive message for one segment could resonate negatively in another segment. No other science offers this insight or with this rigor.


Mind Genomics produces a dramatic "lift" in customer response in every domain of our application. We accomplish this by going beyond customer preferences and lifestyles to give you direct insight into what your customers are thinking - even when they cannot articulate their preferences. Success after success with our clients has proven the methodology. Learn more about how Facts N Figures can help you.

Digital Marketing Research

Our approach is geared towards both an offline and online strategy that provides clients with data driven insights resulting on powerful marketing solutions for our clients. Our data is 99% accurate and verifiable through our intelligence insights that has saved clients both time and money in launching branded campaigns, strategies, and product launches. If you would like to learn more about how Facts N Figures can help you with digital marketing services please contact us and someone from our team will connect with you within 24-48 hours.

StrategiQQ (Qual/Quant)


Quantitative research in a qualitative setting! StrategiQQ Qual/Quant is our proprietary global research solution that combines the best of both qualitative and quantitative research. Respondents answer quantitative survey questions using keypads and LIVE RESULTS are viewed in the back of the room. A qualitative discussion based on quantitative results then probes into the WHY’s.


StrategiQQ uses a rapid-fire round of questions to capture top-of-mind responses to products and services – which is more in line with how consumers react to marketing stimuli in real life.


StrategiQQ has multiple applications – in addition to product and service evaluations, clients also use StrategiQQ for package testing, copy testing, category understanding, habits & practices, benefits, claims, logos, billboards and promotions testing.