Recruiting For Research Services

Professional Recruiting

Quality recruiting is the key to your success. What makes Facts ‘n Figures so uniquely successful is that we use our proven and proprietary QualPro System to target precisely the respondents you are looking for. Used in combination with our extensive and diverse respondent database, QualPro:

  • Maximizes the probability for obtaining your best target mix,
  • Prohibits repeat and unqualified participants, and
  • Fosters superb respondent show rates.

Whether you seek to research consumers or professionals, Facts ‘n Figures’ expert recruiting staff has the resources to meet every challenge. Not only do we recruit for the general population, we are known for undertaking the more challenging projects. We seek out professionals from business, technology, and medical sectors, as well as recruit for respondents with low incident traits, and for those who suffer from specific diseases or conditions.

Higher Recruits

Our proven techniques result in higher-quality recruits and substantially higher show rates than our competition. QualPro consists of consumers of all races, ethnicities, gender, and age from all walks of life. It also contains populace of white collar and blue collar occupations. Facts ‘n Figures covers multiple cities across the United States. If desired, recruiting may be conducted in English and/or Spanish.