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Whether you need to conduct focus groups, in-depth interviews, taste tests, pre-recruits, product placements, field studies, mall intercepts, or store audits for the consumer and business-to-business research sectors, our team of experts are here to support your research efforts.

Our focus is quality recruiting so that you hit the targets you need. We go the extra mile to make sure your data collected can be validated. We want you to feel extremely confident with our service and that’s why we take the extra steps to do what is necessary to achieve that end. We really do care about your project.

Healthcare Industry

Facts 'N Figures provides recruiting services for qualitative and quantitative research projects associated with pharma, device, and general health care products and services. Under the direction of Bonnie Ponaman, RN, Health Educator, our recruiting team has a clear understanding of screening criteria and hit the target every time. Bonnie’s knowledge of medical terminology, technology, pharmacology, and the disease process set us apart from our competitors. FnF is connected with the healthcare community for recruiting patients, caregivers and medical professionals. We commonly take on difficult projects that other companies may turn down. The healthcare team takes every measure to ensure that your project is successful and your experience is enjoyable.

health care research

Healthcare Areas of Expertise.

  • Diabetes
  • Cancer
  • HIV
  • Osteoporosis
  • ED
  • Alzheimer’s
  • Drug addiction
  • MS
  • High Cholesterol
  • Growth Hormone
  • GERD
  • Autism
  • Obesity
  • Health Insurance
  • Blood Glucose Monitors
  • Medication Delivery Systems
  • Website Usability
  • Device Studies

David Horn, Director of Operations

Flince Research + Design
Facts ‘n Figures is linked in to the LA healthcare community like no other in the area. A good case study would be the recently completed NSCLC recruit. I came to you with a problem (how to find mNSCLC patients); you were able to quickly come up with a proposal, in this case reaching out to physicians to find out what’s feasible. In less than 24 hours you had spoken with several physicians and determined you would be able to recruit this study via physician referrals. These efforts and results are not all too common in the industry.

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Food, Beverage, & Restaurant Research

We manage and administer an array of projects from sensory and comparison testing to branding, messaging, and concept testing. Our award winning Los Angeles facility has administered taste tests requiring sample sizes as large as 800 participants. We provide services to target the general market and specialized markets, including Hispanic, Asian, and African American.

Each year we conduct Qualitative and Quantitative projects for major fast food chains, casual and fine dining restaurants, food manufacturers, restaurant suppliers, ad agencies, and entrepreneurs

food and beverage facility for market research
food and beverage facility for market research

Full Kitchen Focus Group

Projects are managed across major markets throughout the United States. Each full kitchen focus group/taste test facility is hand-picked to meet all of your research needs surpassing the highest standards set forth by the Marketing Research Association. It’s our Red Ribbon Service – extraordinary service and attention to detail.

Our services include full-service marketing research, field management, recruiting, moderation & CLT taste test facilitation, test administration, and data processing

Our commercial test kitchen is powered by 650 free amps of electricity and 750,000 BTUs of gas with 3 quick-disconnects. The kitchen has 13 feet of hood space, 40 feet of stainless steel prep area, ample storage, a walk-in freezer, commercial refrigeration, appliances and small-wares to meet the most demanding cooking requirements. All equipment is moveable, so you may position the kitchen to your liking; or if you prefer, you may use your own equipment.

The kitchen is equipped with HDTV’s where your chefs and decision makers can observe the group in progress, making it easy for on-the-spot changes in your research. Adjacent to the kitchen is a 27’ x 29’ testing room that holds up to fifty participants in a single session. The oversized doors between the kitchen and testing room are large enough to accommodate the movement of commercial and consumer appliances with ease. Groups are recorded on digital audio and video. We can also digitally stream sessions to any desktop, tablet, or smart phone, anywhere in the world!

The Facts ‘n Figures team is highly skilled and experienced in the administration of CLT’s and focus groups for food and beverage testing. As a certified food handler organization, we are consistently committed to high standards when implementing food studies. We follow all test protocols and ensure that every detail is given full attention.

Equipment includes

  • Commercial & residential microwave ovens
  • Commercial gas char-broiler
  • Six-burner Wolf gas stove & oven
  • Six-burner electric stove & oven
  • Commercial convection oven
  • Commercial dishwasher

Sports & Entertainment Research

Our sports and entertainment services consists of an array of topics from sporting equipment and apparel to media, Radio/Television and personality evaluations to usability testing, and much more.

We recruit and host for focus groups, ethnographies, live sports programming tests, and DIAL research (can accommodate up to 50 participants). Our staff also interviews respondents at sporting and entertainment venues in Los Angeles.

food and beverage facility for market research

Proprietary Respondent Database

Utilizing QualPro, our proprietary respondent database, we…

  • Recruit knowledgeable participants efficiently
  • Produce excellent show rates
  • Key in on the target faster

With our “red-ribbon” services you obtain cutting edge research most relevant to the sports and entertainment markets today.

Our facility is available for media shoots. Segments of the movie Bruno and the Tia & Tamera show were filmed in our office.

Ethnic Research & Specialty Groups

Since 1992, Facts ‘n Figures has been a recognized expert in Ethnic Market Research and specialize in the Hispanic market. Our sister company, Latin Facts Research, employs seasoned bilingual management and staff members who are native of many Latin American countries. They are comfortable with and understand the cultural differences among the Hispanic communities. Our highly skilled recruiting and interviewing staff is experienced with various quantitative and qualitative methodologies.

ethnic and speciality group market research

Ethnic Market Research

  • Mall intercepts
  • Pre-recruits
  • In-store surveys
  • Focus groups
  • IDIs
  • Ethnographies
  • Central location test (CLT)

LFR field manages Ethnic market research projects throughout the United States. We have partners in Top-Rated facilities across the country. The LFR interviewing staff is also available to conduct field work outside the Los Angeles area. Our vast database includes un-acculturated, bi-cultured, and acculturated Hispanics from Mexico, South America, and Central America. Facts ‘n Figures also recruits participants who are from the African-American, Pakistani/Indian, Chinese, and Japanese cultures.

Speciality Groups

Facts ‘n Figures is one of a small group of market research companies who conduct market research among the deaf community. Through QualPro, our customized state-of-the-art database and online recruiting system, Facts ‘n Figures is able to recruit participants to meet your needs. As part of our in-house staff, we include a hostess versed in American Sign Language to serve the deaf community.

Translation Services

Facts ‘n Figures translates questionnaires, discussion guides and reports into English or Spanish. We will translate the original document into the language of choice and additionally back-translate to ensure accuracy and authenticity.

translation services